Holistically Present-Centered

We feel most alive when we live in the moment. Yet, this is something we all struggle with. We ruminate what has happened in the past and worry about what might come in the future. Many of us New Yorkers are hesitant to slow down and take a moment to catch our breath. We often forget the importance of identifying with “what is” in the now.

My practice is holistically present-centered, recognizing the unity of mind, body, and emotions, which is achieved through a practice called “mindfulness.” Mindfulness is a state of being actively aware of our emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present and being non-judgmentally open to them. It is about being proactive in our lives and living our lives moment by moment. Thus, it is not really about staying still like a Buddhist statue while trying to calm down and relax. On the contrary, it is actually quite an active process.

Mindfulness has been extensively researched in the field of psychology and neuroscience and has been proven to be effective for the wellness of our mind and body. Physiologically, it helps regulate our autonomic nervous system and helps positively rewire the neural circuits of our brain. Psychologically, it helps us get out of our head and helps us awaken to our moment-to-moment experiences, while evoking an inner state of clarity and quietness. This is a practical inner skill anyone can develop. With continuing practice, you will begin to experience a state often described as “in the flow,” “in peak performance,” or “in the groove,” which is a state in which all aspects of you synchronize and coordinate effortlessly producing the maximum outcome.

I believe that people transform and become empowered when they identify with their moment-to-moment authentic experiences. Through an experiential and in-vivo approach, I will help you develop practical mindfulness skills to identify with and attune yourself to “what is” in the moment. The past is addressed as it emerges in the present moment, and the future with its uncertainties and the unknown is appreciated from a place of curiosity and adventure as it unfolds. By proactively engaging in the now, you will learn to heal yourself in the present and to take charge of the future, so that you can continue to transform, grow, and evolve.