Another important aspect of my approach is facilitating a sense of empowerment, which serves as a driving force in our growth process. As our wounds become healed and the natural flow of our growth becomes restored, we begin to feel a sense of empowerment.

A sense of empowerment fuels our ability to recognize our strengths, our ability to identify available options, and our ability to make optimal decisions. When we feel empowered, we experience ourselves as bigger, fuller, and expanding. When we are empowered, even at the edge of the unknown, our excitement overrides our fear, our curiosity leads us to venture out, and our courage enables us to take constructive risks.

Being fueled by a sense of empowerment, we develop the capacity and confidence to continuously let ourselves evolve and encourage ourselves to make fuller and richer contact with whatever comes our way. This type of confidence is not a puffed-up temporary façade. We feel unclouded and centered while being relaxed in this state.

Through experiential methods, I would like to help you cultivate your own voice, help you embrace your originality and uniqueness, and help you become proactively engaged in the process of making big and small decisions in your life.