here and now

Your Emergent Self


Psychotherapy is a process that facilitates change, growth, and renewal. There are many reasons why we use therapy. It could be because of a difficult relationship, a general feeling of dissatisfaction, a life transition, a traumatic experience, gender/sexual orientation issues, immigration, feelings of depression, anxiety, or loss, or it could be because we want to get to know ourselves a little bit better, further explore our identities, or better understand certain parts of ourselves or our relationships with others. All of these circumstances are worthy of attention.

Being in therapy is a courageous act. I have deep respect for those who partake in it.  I welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, sexual-orientations, religions, and ages. I am an affirming, interactive, and culturally-sensitive psychotherapist specializing in helping individuals and couples become empowered and become compassionate toward themselves and others.

I believe in collaboration. My approach is tailored to each client's individual needs and goals, and I have been effective in doing so because of my years of experience and training in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches. I always welcome your input in determining what works for you.